Design & Prototyping



     You're always welcome to contact me for design or prototyping.


      I do not only design and print jewelry. See some of my other designs and concepts beneath...





'GOGGLES' - Soon to come 



  CONCEPT - Nightstand for iPhone 5 in yellow 3D printed and glazed ceramics

  - possible to put charger through a hole in the 'speaker' session... 




Concept - Lamps




  Cover for iPhone 5 - 'KNUCKLESS' - seems pretty brutal, but it really ain't... printed for customer



Concept - White Russian





 'URBAN SERIES' - Entré and hall interior... 






 Necklace for a special girl - with a special dog - printed in sterling silver



Laser cut stainless steel wine holder - 'lasered' for customer... twice!


  Universal mobile stand in 3D printed green plastics - able to charge while standing.





  Universal mobile night stand - Glazed ceramics. - printed for customer.